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Proceeds go to the work of Great Lakes Outreach, click here to see their projects in Central Africa

Simon Guillebaud:

You can find out more about me by reading the book or by clicking on I never thought I’d reach the age of 30, I never thought I’d have the chance of getting married and having kids. Life in a war zone is very sharpening in terms of knowing what matters, what is worth investing in, and what is worth dying for.

But I didn’t die and peace has almost come! And one of the joys of still being alive is this project. Seth tells more of the story below, but I owe a huge amount to him – and we had such a laugh doing it! When we filmed the street kids mugging me, Seth was so ‘in the zone’ as he filmed that one of the street kids managed to get inside his pocket and steal $25! When we filmed the policeman stopping me, Seth ended up getting surrounded and ‘arrested’. He had his car impounded, whilst I’d already made a getaway on my motorbike. So I was ringing my contacts in the presidential office to try to get him released. Oh how we laughed!

Anyway, please help us to get the book and DVD out there to as many people as possible, as our sole aim is to see lives challenged to embrace authentic Christianity, and all proceeds go back into our work with the last, the lost and the least of Central Africa. You can reach me by clicking here.

The Producer, Seth Chase:

A little bit about me. I grew up in Maryland, Christian family, two cars, a couple of cats and dogs. I have an older brother, and a younger sister. I flawlessly lived out the average Christian family suburban life. After I grew weary of that, I went to film school at MSU, and fell in love with film and media. After film school I moved to Portland, Oregon, where I met my wife Trina and nurtured a profound appreciation for microbrews. 

I’ve always felt that Christian artists should be making media, rather than making Christian media. Christians should simply be themselves in whatever industry they are in, instead of trying to create a fake “christianese” environment with their own radio shows, tv shows, organizations, etc, add infinitum. Christianity, rather than “Churchianity.” A light unto the world rather than an industry unto itself. To that end, I decided to use video to express myself and my interests, as well as making documentary videos that support things I believe are making the world a better place.

I moved to Burundi with my wife in 2007 and met Simon. We became friends, and after about a year I convinced Simon to make each of the chapters of his book into a short video. He took me up on the offer, and now we find ourselves in this big mess called ‘More Than Conquerors’. The series is aimed at the global Christian family, exhorting us as a family to live a lifestyle that we believe is biblically relevant in our day, on our watch, in whatever culture we are in. Christ in all and through all. I hope it really messes up your everyday life as it has for us. Working on this project has been a great adventure with all the applicable ups and downs, trials and successes; and more importantly it really brought my family together with Simon’s. It’s been such a joy to be a part of the ‘More Than Conquerors” project. I really hope it challenges you as much as it has me.

 To contact me, click here

Megan Lavery, Co-Writer:

When I first saw Bujumbura sprawled out in the valley and the Congolese mountains beyond, I squealed with exhilaration.  The next day I met Mr. Guillebaud for the first time, and as we pootled around Buj and shared about Burundi and mission, I thought, “I want to work for this fella. Oh yeah, I’m in.”

This place is magic to me - the hills, the lake, the chaos, the color, the complexity - the rawness of it all. There’s so much happening in the most subtle and grotesque of ways. I really loved Simon’s ability to manifest his vision in tangible action in this place; and like many, I found him rather humorous. I promised myself I’d be back and be a part of Burundi forever. Probably like many youthful sprouts my age, unfettered by age or corrosive cynicism, I just wanted to serve in a tangible way. So when Simon asked me to come work for him in October 2008, I got so excited and knew this was the time to jump.

Working on these films was both delightful and challenging. I loved sifting through Simon’s ideas and toying with thoughts from the Bible, trying to present them in an angle of just a different degree. I simply tried to be honest and convey the realities of this life of faith as I’ve experienced it - the tensions, humanity, and possibilities. I’ve been a lover of JC for some time now, but it’s taken on different forms. As my journey has progressed, I’ve come to realize it is Jesus I dig and he was less in the behavior correction business as he is in imports - bringing heaven to earth. I’ve found the gospel is so much more than salvation and souls and purity and such, it’s also about transforming lives and society.

With the More Than Conquerors series, I tried to come alongside Simon and push the audience beyond faith as personal, faith as milestones. And in doing so had him bungee jump like 9 times, what a hero! Seth did such a brilliant job displaying Burundi just as juicy as it is, and I am unbelievably thrilled this place is on the screen for all the world to see. It’s been such a privilege working on this series. I hope what you see and hear makes you come undone at the seams a little, lights you up a little more, and helps you on your journey. Thanks for reading, thanks for watching. If you want to contact me, click here

 Chris and Sanjay, Soundtrack

It was in November 2008, during some down-time between other projects, that we started work on a new set of recordings - no real agenda, just a get-writing-and-see-what-happens kind of deal. The sessions gave birth to all sorts of ideas, of which six survived, arriving several months (and a multitude of vocalists) later as 'The Waiting Line' EP (see We got in touch in Simon, told him about the record we'd just made and soon after, released it as a pay-whatever-you-want online download. Three weeks on we had nearly £2,000 in the bank for GLO and a healthy number of listeners. And it was this that led to our involvement with 'More Than Conquerors', with Simon barely letting us pause to savor the moment before plunging us into work on the first of the films.

And as we ploughed through nearly six weeks of solid writing, performing and editing, we couldn't help but be caught up in the drama, the challenge, the ecstasy and the pain of the films - footage that would leave you speechless for its beauty, its drama or its brutality, and Simon's direct, unflinching call to live lives of obedience to God and of relevance to our world. It was both a joy and a challenge to compose the music for these films and to work with the team who made them, spread across three continents, thousands of miles apart yet united through vision, under God -surely, a small miracle in itself. And hopefully these films will also be in your hands and your hearts soon enough, wherever you are in the world, and may they move you as much as they move us.

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