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DANGEROUSLY ALIVE - African Adventures of Faith under Fire

Simon Guillebaud

‘Here’s a story with guts and glory. So read it, I urge you, and pray that some of that guts and Spirit will rub off on you.’ – Brother Andrew (Author of ‘God’s Smuggler’ and Founder of Open Doors)

In 1999, Simon Guillebaud arrived in Burundi, which was reckoned to be the most dangerous country on earth at the time. He risked his life alongside bold colleagues as they recklessly pursued Christ’s call to go and make disciples. Death-threats, ambushes, disease and corruption were all part of life in this desperate place. In time a movement of passionate men and women of faith developed, with extraordinary results and at great cost. 

God honored their efforts.  Tens of thousands found faith. Miracles became a regular occurrence in this perilous environment.  Several co-workers died. Simon lived with a passion and urgency due to the fact that he too expected to die, and so wanted to maximize his time.   

‘The book combines prayer letters, diary entries and reflections from ten years in a war zone,’ says Simon. ‘It includes thoughts on witchcraft, miracles, evangelism, Islam, orphans, street kids, AIDS, and many stirring stories of triumphant faith in the midst of hideous suffering.’


Dangerously Alive

DANGEROUSLY ALIVE - African Adventures of Faith under Fire

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More than Conquerors Book

Life is not a dress rehearsal. We only get one shot at it. Most people are just trying to arrive safely at death, but Jesus offers a better way.

The More Than Conquerors Book and DVD go hand in hand or individually, and are both a call to radical discipleship.

More Than Conquerors book

The More Than Conquerors Book - A call to radical discipleship

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DVD – feature-length documentary on the whole adventure

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